My journey as a FY mentor teacher has been profound in learning to see my true self. I am pleased with the healing process that I am walking as a person and as a yoga teacher/ healer.

I have learned some important lessons from practicing Forrest Yoga. I am clear on what is precious enough to stand up for like a warrior. I have gained perspective when to soften up and I learned from the situation.   My strong practice is another benefit from practicing Forrest Yoga. I love how FY teaches you to be skillful exploring personal limits.

FY teaches you to change patterns which no longer serve you so you can practice without pain and struggle. That can be quite inspiring and I want more of that in my yoga practice and in my life.

Modern people whether they like or not they are deeply conditioned and controlled by media, social and cultural conditioning. My mission as a Forrest yoga mentor teacher in Asia is doing my part of “Mending the Hoop of People.”   I will continue help people to feel their truth about themselves by encouraging and helping them walk their own healing journey.

Encourage them keep good conditioning and let go of what is harmful or self destructive conditioning.

As my healing journey deepens, my gratitude to Ana Forrest deepens for finding the brilliant method for healing. I also thank my fellow FY mentors and the Forrest Yoga community and students who are my teachers. Get excited about Forest Yoga and life!!

Sinhee - Bird of Paradise

“I was pissed off that I couldn’t do many poses, the way Ana Forrest was guiding!”
 SinHee McCabe
SinHee McCabe Forrest Yoga Guardian